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From the Rainbow - the WordLaserNet - a world-wide art project

International contemporary @lightartist Oliver Bienkowski starts global project

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Imagine a steady, green laser beam illuminating a prominent landmark of your city, viewable from up to 50 miles away.

Project WorldLaserNet.com is going to do this and more: Connecting the countries of the earth worldwide and creating a universal Landmark of Light for this planet.

With the national supersymbols of the developed countries as prominent exceptions, there is still a missing link between the continents and their peoples connecting and symbolizing humanity– and that's what the WorldLasernet.com wants to do: Close the gap between nations, cultures and continents, and becoming a cultural landmark for the world.

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How does it work?

After installation of a laser node on top of a building, a laser beam is sent to another building up to 80km/50 miles away, probably with a similar laser on it. This laser connection can bridge geographic and national borders with ease, thus connecting cities, nations, cultures, even continents.

WorldLaserNet.com assumes the laser net becomes a major tourist attraction, once installed.

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The technical requirements to support the laser net are easy to describe: A single laser has 8W output, driven by a 75W Notebook accumulator, which is is easily supported by a solar panel during daytime, enabling the WorldLaserNet.com to function in rural area or even underdeveloped countries.

WorldLaserNet.com says, the initial price of a laser node won't exceed 30.000€/42.000US$.There are lesser lasers with low power. These low budget lasernodes starts at 5000€ National laser-godfathers from worldlaserNet.com will keep in touch with sponsors and supporters, spreading the idea and furthering the goal of a landmark of humanity.

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